Dual Boot with windows: where to put the boot loader?

Brian Astill bastill at adam.com.au
Wed Jun 1 03:18:19 UTC 2005

Erich asked
> Why is everybody telling not to install grub in the MBR when 
> dual-booting?

I don't think _everybody_ would tell you that!  :-)
Grub usually works well if you accept (eg) ubuntu's default of MBR.
However, if you try to do something else you _can_ run into trouble and be 
confronted with the daunting "grub>" prompt. (I have <sob>)

Best advice is to read "man grub" (and I think also "info grub") so you could 
take such an event more-or-less in your stride.

I have two systems.  One uses "Boot Magic" to dual boot Windows on hd0 and 
grub with ubuntu on hd1.  The other simply has grub in the MBR to dual boot 
Windows on hda1 and Ubuntu on hda2.
Your call!  :-)


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