(Update) kcore file 1GB HD space (need help) !!

hrumland at telusplanet.net hrumland at telusplanet.net
Wed Jun 1 00:10:15 UTC 2005

thanks for the clarification. But what about the  two core files I have in 
the /dev directory and ./dev directory with a 1GB size (permission 
inaccessible). Are they related to the virtual file system ????



> Hi everyone,
> I have discovered recently that I have a kcore file on Kubuntu with a file 
> size of 1 GB in my /proc file system. I realized that for a while the 
> harddrive was constantly writing and that the harddrive space decreased 
> rapidly. This happend also in UBUNTU once resulting in filling up the 
> harddrive space to 95% with bad results. Now I need to know how I can delete 
> this file from the proc file system and how I can make sure that this is not 
> any more happen as this is the result of a crash core dump ????
> Can anybody help ??
> Thanks in advanced
> Holger 
> “/proc/kcore” is an image of the memory (RAM) of your system!  Don't try
> to delete it ever!  The core dumps are named “core” not “kcore” and they
> are disabled by default in Ubuntu. (The file is 1GB in size because you
> have 1GB of RAM.)

> All the files in “/proc” are virtual.  In other words: they don't
> consume any space of your hard-drive.

> The problem with the decreasing space of your HD is caused by another
> thing!

> Ziyad.

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