Clever mailsort in Thunderbird

Simon Santoro Simon.Santoro at
Sun Jul 31 18:07:47 UTC 2005

Arjan Geven wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've a question concerning mail sorting in Thunderbird and Evolution.
> I really liked the way you could choose to sort messages by thread in
> Outlook 2003: mails were grouped per subject, and the group with the
> newest replies were on top. If someone replies on an old mail, this
> group bumps to the top again. Gmail also has this way of sorting as
> default.
> Is this also possible in Thunderbird?
> I tried to get it done, but failed so far. I can get my messages sorted
> by thread, but when someone replies to an old mail and this unread mail
> nicely gets put under the original. However, the original is not bumped
> to the top of the list, making it hard to find it back..
> What I have right now:
> View > Sort By > Order Received
> View > Threads > All
> View > Threads > Expand All
> Any solution?

No, Thunderbird can not do this.
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