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Sun Jul 31 12:59:19 UTC 2005

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mustafa a écrit :
| first let me say i am a noob.
| now heres the problem.
| i use LVM to create a larger drive from bad sectored dirves.
| it was working very well untill i messed it up.
| i had added a phsical volume after creating the rest of the logical
| so it did not register on computer as new space.
| i lived with it for a whil but then decided to remove it.
| i unmounted the drive and did
| pvremove -ff /dev/hdb9
| this caused some problem in my whole volume group.
| then after some reading i tried
| vgremove --removemissing
| that seemed to fix my volume group.
| then did
| lvdisplay
| but nothing came.
| so it seems my logical volume has been destroyed.
| i would create it again but i fear doing so might destroy
| my 40+ GB of data that is very important to me.(and i have no backup)
| please is there any way i can move from this incident with nothing but a
| lesson to backup data.
| i really would like to recover my data .
| any advice would be appreciated.
You need to have some disk space somewhere, or several DVD's+DVD burn.
Several possibilities: using a Knoppix to enter the partition where the
datas are, and copy them to another partition or to DVD. Copy them to
an external HDD.
This method is not 100% perfect though. I already tried and was not
totally satisfied, as a part of the datas sorted out corrupted.

I didn't try to use the chroot methods at this moment, maybe it could
be useful, so you could check by browsing the web about it.

If you try this way, you'll have to check the datas first, before going
further in manipulating the LVM.

Other: maybe connecting another PC with a LAN and transfer with SSH or
something like that: I don't have experience with it, but read a few
threads with successful results at the end. I don't know about the type
of manipulation you did, either, so another possibility might exist
with the Ultimate Boot CD, please do browse the web about it too.
Wishing you the best results, J.Markoll.

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