please help urgent HDD problem

mustafa lordverminard at
Sun Jul 31 08:23:10 UTC 2005

first let me say i am a noob.
now heres the problem.
i use LVM to create a larger drive from bad sectored dirves.
it was working very well untill i messed it up.
i had added a phsical volume after creating the rest of the logical volume.
so it did not register on computer as new space.
i lived with it for a whil but then decided to remove it.
i unmounted the drive and did

pvremove -ff /dev/hdb9

this caused some problem in my whole volume group.
then after some reading i tried

vgremove --removemissing

that seemed to fix my volume group.
then did


but nothing came.
so it seems my logical volume has been destroyed.
i would create it again but i fear doing so might destroy
my 40+ GB of data that is very important to me.(and i have no backup)
please is there any way i can move from this incident with nothing but a 
lesson to backup data.
i really would like to recover my data .
any advice would be appreciated.

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