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Sun Jul 31 03:31:57 UTC 2005

dipankar das Wrote: 
> Hello Friends


> The '/dev/dsp' remains captured by 'ESD', and hence playing any audio
> file 

> with 'mplayer', brings forth the message '/dev/dsp' unavailable. This 

> 'mplayer' is compiled from 1.0pre7.tar.bz2, because, being connected on

> dial-up, it is hardly possible for me to depend on apt-get except the
> very 

> essential ones or ones with a large number of cross-deps. What i do is
> the 

> brute-force method, 'killall esd', or, even at times 'killall -9 esd'.
> Even 

> after i made 'apt-get' on 'esd-devel'


> And when recompiled 'mplayer' after getting esd-devel, it still needs
> the 

> option '-ao esd' to play a file. 


> The same with 'xmms'. To get the sweet songs become a killer first. In
> fact 

> this is very much against the Ubuntu way of seeing things. Is there any
> less 

> grotesque wayout?

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> dipankar das


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You look like your sound card needs the ALSA dmix plugin.  Once you do
this, all programs should be able to make sound with no problems.  (It
will set up ALSA to allow multiple programs to access the sound card).

Follow this howto:


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