K3B, better: cdrecord is not able to burn cds on a scd0-devic- PROBLEM SOLVED

hagen van rissenbeck news4didascali at gmx.net
Sat Jul 30 12:34:52 UTC 2005

Derek Broughton wrote:

Hi list, hi Derek,


> cdrecord???  there's no /usr/bin/cdrom-binary* 

yes, i wrote too fast, I meant cdrom.mmap

> As I understand it, SUID on cdrecord after 2.6.12 is not possible, and it is
> merely controlled by the fact that the device belongs to group cdrom and
> the user _using_ the device must be a member of the group.


I installed hoary on my laptop using an atapi-cdrom-burner and there, 
cdrecord's owner is "root" as well as its group (also "root").

I'm able to burn cdroms as a normal user, but on the laptop of my boss, 
SUID has to be enabled at "cdrecord" for a normal user (he owns that 
laptop, which includes the scd0-drive...and I need to change the group 
to "cdrom", and finally, I've had to add the user to group "cdrom". I've 
got really no idea, why that differs. I'm neither a hardware nor a 
software freak...I'm nothing more than an interested user...;-)

> On breezy, and kernel, k3b warned me that I would have to turn
> _off_ suid on cdrecord.

I can't remember any warnings in that case, perhaps I was temporary 
blind? or..., but we installed Hoary with kernel 2.6.10.-5-386


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