How to print music CD song list?

Jason Voegele jason at
Sat Jul 30 11:47:17 UTC 2005

On Friday 29 July 2005 10:28, Sebastian Bassi wrote:
> Does K3B allows to print the CD song list? Another app to do it (in an
> easy way, don't want to fire OO and start typing) :) ?

Hi Sebastian,

I assume you are burning a CD from songs you have stored as mp3 or ogg on your 
hard drive, correct?  If so, you can use amaroK.  amaroK integrates with K3B 
for burning, so you can load up a playlist with whatever audio tracks you 
want to burn, and select the "Burn Selected Tracks" option that will fire up 
K3B with the selected playlist tracks ready for burning.  amaroK also has 
some other burning options such as "Burn This Album" or "Burn All Tracks By 
This Artist" that you might find useful.

Now, more to the point of your question, amaroK also has a function called 
playlist2html that you can use to generate an HTML file containing 
information about the tracks in your playlist.  So, after you've created your 
playlist for burning, you can use the playlist2html function on that 
playlist, and then open up the HTML file in Konqueror or Firefox and print 
it.  The playlist2html function is under "Tools > Scripts >"

The HTML file produced by playlist2html may or may not be suitable for you, as 
it contains more information than just the track titles and uses color 
formatting, etc.  If you find that the output isn't quite what you want, let 
me know and I can probably hack together a version that produces more bare 
bones output, which I could send to you and you could install in amaroK.

Hope this helps.

Jason Voegele
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