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manou ailoflinux at yahoo.es
Fri Jul 29 19:43:32 UTC 2005

well, wil(*) see if it is a really newbie problem.

First I'm going to read you.
Hi everybody,

Iep ;)

I'm a newbie and I've got a problem booting from the Ubuntu cd b/c 

what is b/c ?

it doesn't recognize my dvd unit 

buff, a hw error... mmm it's not easy for me if i'm not there.... I'm

(it says it may be a very old cd-rom unit, instead it's a quite new

UPS! I have never seen that !!!
If i understand well... 
where are you from ? JApan ??? 

How can I install Ubuntu, either forcing it to accept the dvd (drivers?)
or making it skip this step?

well, the easiest way i think is to try to found an old cdrom unit. As
Ubuntu has said to you.
Maybe you have to read more and whatch less TV
Be free, be fun.

welcomo2gnU at Linuxclub;)

Please help me!


ioana -- 
ubuntu-users mailing list
ubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com

(*) Is the way Zapatero writes will ;)

I hope this has helped to U. If you want you can go2
http://govinda.no-ip.com and enjoy suffering.
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