Firefox Update Disappearing Act

Daniel Goldsmith daniel.goldsmith at
Fri Jul 29 09:29:28 UTC 2005

On 7/29/05, Tab Gilbert <tabbox at> wrote:
> I just did the Synaptic upgrade for firefox.  Now when I click on it
> nothing happens. If I repeat click on it some little lines show up on
> the screen for a nanosecond. 

Sorry I'm unable to help - just wanted to report the same behaviour.

Examination of the terminal on an apt-get of the package showed 
conflicts between 'mozilla-firefox' and 'firefox'. I tried to manually
rm the affected files, but this was no use. I tried to remove entirely
'mozilla-firefox' but this creatres a dependency problem to
'ubuntu-desktop' - which I think is the ubuntu system.

> Since I happen to be freaking out at the
> moment is there any way I can go back to my old working version of
> firefox? 

Perhaps a binary build from the Firefox site? (I didn't have time to check it)



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