gnome-panel crashing on hoary

Johan Meskens CS3 jmcs3 johanmeskenscs3 at
Fri Jul 29 06:03:31 UTC 2005

John Nilsson wrote:
> On tor, 2005-07-28 at 20:59 +0200, Johan Meskens CS3 jmcs3 wrote:
>>ubuntu 5.04
>>gnome 2.10.0
>>i tried to change my font preferences
>>  , system->preferences->font
>>after i did
>>  gnome crashed
>>  gnome-panel crashed
>>and i lost control over the lower panel
>>  no more possibility of adding to the panel with gnome-panel crashing
>>i lost reveal-desktop
>>and the presence of the icons of open windows on the lower panel
>>  , which is kind of a nuisance
> Err, that shouldn't happen... Have you filed a bug?

yes i did
  , but realize now i could have done it better

>>is there a way of returning to the default settings of gnome-panel ?
>>  , maybe some conf*.xml files got messed up ?
> I'm not shure about this, but I guess you could try to 'rm
> -rf .gconf/apps/panel' (make a backup in case I'm wrong).

  , didn't change a thing

>>how can i add these lost functionalities back ?
>>how can i add the trash icon
>>               the reveal desktop
>>               the workspace switcher     to the upper panel ?
> Right click and select "Add to Panel..." is the intended way...

the thing is that "add to panel" crashes when i try to use it ..

>>thanks for your time

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