To Universe Package Maintainers: request of clamuko enabled clamav package

Gábor Iglói mdjake at
Thu Jul 28 09:39:08 UTC 2005


I've been experiencing with clamav and dazuko to activate clamav's
on-access feature (called clamuko). There's a HOWTO here which
describes the necessary steps to achieve it:

According to clamav package information it is a Universe package and
the maintainer is sgran at However he seems to be primarily a
Debian developer so probably somebody else has packaged clamav for us
Ubuntu users. This is why I turn to this list with my wish.

I'd like to ask Ubuntu's clamav maintainer to consider repackaging the
"official" Ubuntu clamav package. Currently Ubuntu (and Debian) clamav
is packaged with the --disable-clamuko configure option so on-access
virus scanning doesn't work out of the box. Enabling clamuko would
make eaiser to use clamav with Dazuko and would add an extra
capability to the Ubuntu distro: Ubuntu users who use also Windows or
have Windows friends would be able to instantly detect if their
downloaded files/email attachments contain W32 or MSOffice viruses.
This would really be "Humanity to others".

For details of how this works please refer to

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