Firefox with Tabbrowser Extensions failing to open links in a new tab.

Nick C chakynet at
Wed Jul 27 19:24:38 UTC 2005

On 27.07.2005 20:49, ChaKy wrote:
> On 27.07.2005 19:38, Neil Woolford wrote:
>>Tabbrowser Extensions does lots that I want.  However I don't seem to be
>>able to configure it so that one of the better original Firefox features
>>still works.
>>I want to be able to open links in a new tab, rather than have them
>>replace the contents of the current tab.  I was able to do this in
>>Firefox by middle clicking the links, or right clicking and selecting
>>the appropriate menu item.
>>This no longer works now I have added Tabbrowser Extensions.  Middle
>>click does nothing, right click still brings up the menu with the 'open
>>in new tab' option, but it does nothing.  The only thing that works is
>>the default left click to open the link in the current tab.
>>I have tried changing settings in the Tabbrowser Extensions preferences,
>>but this makes no difference at all to the behaviour.
> A lot of people have said Tabbrowser Extension is a little bit buggy. Try
> uninstall Tabbrowser Extension, and install Tab Mix or Tab Mix Plus
> extension. I have Tab Mix Plus, and it works great.

Here you have TabMix and TabMix Plus:

Tab Mix - The Extensions Mirror


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