hibernate problem revisited

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Wed Jul 27 14:42:43 UTC 2005

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005, Rahul Tank wrote:
> --- Jason Voegele <jason at jvoegele.com> wrote:
> > On Wed, July 27, 2005 9:57 am, Rahul Tank said:
> > > i have ubuntu 2.6.10. whenever i hibernate my machine, after some time
> > > i cannot get to my machine. it doen't respond at all.i have to
> > > manually restart the system.
> > Er...unless I'm misunderstanding you, that's what hibernate is
> > *supposed* to do.  Hibernate saves the system state to disk and 
> > powers off the machine.
> i am extremely sorry. i forgot to mention that the next time when i
> boot, i should start from where i left, but that doesn't happen. on the
> next boot after hibernation the system hangs and i have to then reboot
> the system manually.

This is a Bug.  Matthew would love to talk to you talk to you about it.

Can you post the details of the make and model of the laptop you have, and
what graphics drivers you are using.  (This is one of the hardest things to
do under Linux and people are actively working on getting it right for the
next revision of Ubuntu).

The summer is normal here.  London, GB

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