making a bootable partition for windows after installing ubuntu

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Tue Jul 26 20:19:32 UTC 2005

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Kussh wrote:
| Hi,

| I have been unable to find any literature on installing lilo properly on
| my 120 GB hard disk though the GRUB bootloader which came with hoary is
| automatically installed.
Grub is installed by default because it is much more interesting,
in the fact that each time you (we) get a new kernel, there is nothing
to configure. With lilo, you'll have to configure the /etc/lilo.conf
each time you'll have a new kernel version, to add a line for the new
kernel then restart lilo with a
$sudo lilo
which is slightly more work than letting the bootloader do all the job
If you want lilo, I read you should just refuse the proposition of the
installer ('do you want to install Grub in the MBR ?' and it should
offer to install lilo instead.

| I first created some partitions for ubuntu on the hard disk and then
| after installing it, am thinking of having a dual boot from windows too.
If you do everything from the inside, I mean during the installation,
you won't have any problem: including creating the partitions, and even
resizing the Ntfs partition if necessary. (If you scanned and and defrag
the Win system correctly before)

| have been able to create some fat 32 partitions for windows/dos but grub
| documentation says that it has some problems with fat32/ntfs
| partitions--
How old is your documentation ? I started under Mandrake one year ago,
and never have a problem whatsoever with Grub and Win booting partition.
I also had a Fat32, just never found the time available to discover
with a few pages documentation how to acceed from one and the other.

At the end, I formatted the whole stuff and reinstalled Mandrake... then
it's another story.

Your /boot/grub/menu.lst just need to contain a 'chainloader+1' at the
end to boot the win partition, and usually it is present by default
(Windows partition are detected during the install)

| How can i install windows on the windows partition and setup lilo also?
Windows should be installed before installing any GNU/Linux distribution,
unless special mapping manipulations with two different hard drives,
which is another story. Then, install Ubuntu with a personalised
partitionning. If you need much help, maybe a LUG close from you exist
and organise install parties ?

| The linux partitions are all on "extended" partition and i suppose
| dos/windows can only be loaded on a primary partition.
For example, possible one to 4 primary partitions, but not more.
For example, possible one primary and one extended with several
logical partitions in it.
The Windows partition should be a primary anyhow.

| wiki.ubuntu forum does not have any documentation on why the install mbr
| fails or how it can be solved.
Fails ? do you have a message error and if yes, what ?
Last but not least, you could check if the connectors of the cables
are well plugged inside the computer tower (UC).
(Particularly if you get something such as Error 21, or Disk boot
failure instead of a boot scrolling, or choice between two or more OS's)
Best greetings, J.Markoll.

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