Ubuntu DVI video port support

ZIYAD A. M. AL-BATLY zamb at saudi.net.sa
Tue Jul 26 19:07:23 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 21:11 -0700, William Chapman wrote: 
> Ziyad,
> Thanks for sharing!
> Of course you are correct about there being two DVI specs, but you
> said, "...DVI-I which is analog..."  I think this is incorrect;
> actually, the DVI-I interface carries BOTH the digital AND analog
> signals.  If you plug the DVI-I cable into a DVI port on an LCD
> monitor, it SHOULD BE a "digital deal;" however, because the analog
> signals are "in the cable," an adaptor can be used (as you pointed
> out) to bring the analog signal out to a standard VGA connector, if
> that is the only kind of monitor available.
> In this case, the digital signals present in the cable are simply not
> used.  Also, I think the number of pins, and the exact pin layout is
> different between the two specs.  And there are other subtleties.  In
> case you haven't see it, the following link has some pictures and
> reasonable clear explanations:
> http://www.mycableshop.com/3rd_Level/Video-Flat.htm
> HOWEVER, on the other hand, if it is true, as you say, that some LCD
> monitors with DVI-I interfaces utilize the ANALOG signals in the DVI-I
> cable, and NOT the digital ones, and that this information is somehow
> hidden from their customers, then these vendors should marked out and
> driven into the sea!!  What is the make and model of your monitor?
> Is it possible that your situation could be solved with a different
> cable?  (However, most LCD displays come with the "correct" cable for
> the monitor.)
> Kindly,
> Bill Chapman
My monitors ships with an old VGA d-sub 15 cable and not DVI at all.  I
wasn't clear in my post and for that I apologize.

Obviously (and thanks to you), I was wrong in my previous post about the
types of DVI.  I was under the imprison there were *only* two types of
DVI and one of them (the DVI-I) is analog which is wrong.

Again, thanks for correcting my mistake and sorry for that.

(My original post was to point out that some certain VGA cards ships
only with *one* DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) and not two even
though there are two ports at the back of the card.  Mine is like this.
Digital monitors doesn't need any DAC.)

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