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Tue Jul 26 12:30:37 UTC 2005

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René L. Reingard wrote:
|> Am Mon, 25 Jul 2005 23:44:24 +0200 schrieb ZIYAD A. M. AL-BATLY
|> <zamb at saudi.net.sa>:
|>> On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 22:48 +0200, René L. Reingard wrote:
|>> Hi,
|>> since three days when starting the machine Ubuntu hangs either at

|>> * Setting up LVM Volume Group
|>> or
|>> * Loading modules ....
|>> hda: timeout waiting for DMA
|>> hda: no DRQ after issuing MULTWRITE

|>> what i did the last two weeks regarding Harddrive is that i set it from
|>> ext3 filesystem to ext2, because I started tu use the program Wipe.
|> If your suspecting your HDD is failing (or very near it's life end), you
|> should install the package "smartmontools", enable S.M.A.R.T. in your
|> BIOS, and check your system log for any messages.  I have a defected HDD
|> and "smartmontools" reports in my "/var/log/syslog" the following two
|> lines:
|>         Jul 26 00:35:37 localhost smartd[7162]: Device: /dev/hdc, 2
|> Currently unreadable (pending) sectors
|>         Jul 26 00:35:37 localhost smartd[7162]: Device: /dev/hdc, 2
|> Offline uncorrectable sectors
| Hi Ziyad
| do you run smartmontools from the command line or does it only work if
| integrated in BIOS.
| i do not know how to integrate anything into BIOS, haha.
| René
There is somewhere in BIOS'ses a feature named "SMART" or "SMART MODE",
something like that. You just have to valid the entry to get it on
[ENABLED] if it is disabled (I'm not shouting, just writing such as
in BIOS).
In the Bios, use the direction arrows of your keyboard to go to and fro.
Finish with "Quit and validate the changes", which may be done with F10
or any other way indicated within the BIOS itself.
You probably entered the Bios before, if you have installed, at least
to get the boot on CD first ?
Best greetings, J.Markoll.

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