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Arjan Geven arjangeven at
Tue Jul 26 07:35:17 UTC 2005

On 7/26/05, J.Markoll <j.markoll at> wrote:
> royg1234 wrote:
> > We need a reporting system like craigslist, to kill this kind of spam
> > before it gets any worse.
> If (incase) something efficient comes up, I already have 115 junk mail
> in one of my mail boxes in Thunderbird.
> I found it could be configured to send them there directly,
> and it does not bother long in the Inbox, but I still don't
> know why the specialists in their docs on the net advise to keep
> them. Could they be all gathered somewhere for the anti-spam struggle ?
> Best greetings, J.Markoll.

We actually do NOT need a reporting system, as on the mailing list
this kind of spam does not come through the spamfilter for the mailing
list. The only place where it shows up is on the
mailinglist-forum-gateway, which is where you were replying.

Please do NOT reply to such messages, because they do not appear on
the mailing list in the first place.


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