cannot sync Evolution calendar with multisync since Breezy

Michael Wardle michael at
Tue Jul 26 06:58:32 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-26 at 03:34 +0200, John Nilsson wrote:
> I'm in the process of setting up a similar setup (Sony Ericsson P800)
> and was just curious. Have you been able to make the connection process
> automatic (I'm just assuming that you also use pppd for conection...). 

I had it working beautifully under Hoary.

I don't know exactly how the BlueZ protocol stack works, but I think it
was using OBEX over IrMC over Bluetooth.  The other HOWTOs I've seen
regarding PPP are far too complicated and unnecessary if you have

Basically, I installed bluez-utils, bluez-pin, and
libmultisync-plugin-all, started the bluez services, set a PIN, made my
phone search for other Bluetooth devices and entered the PIN, started
MultiSync, created a synchronization pair between Ximian Evolution 2 and
an IrMC device, went to the IrMC options to set the connection type to
 Bluetooth, searched for Bluetooth devices, then tested the connection
and it was all working!  It was 50 AUD and half an hour well spent!

You can set the synchronization interval in the MultiSync options tab,
so I guess it was initiating the synchronization.  It also seemed to
poll if the scheduled synchronization didn't occur, so it would sync as
soon as it came back in range of my PC.  With GNOME session handling,
MultiSync was being automatically restarted at log in, so it was all

I miss this badly in Breezy. :'(

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