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Mario Guerra guerramarioalberto at
Mon Jul 25 18:36:49 UTC 2005

2005/7/25, Inhabitant of Zion <inhabitantofzion at>:
> Hi
> New to Ubuntu but been around Linux for a while. Used Mandrake for
> many years.
> Have a problem with the graphics on a Dell Damnation 3000 PC (The P4
> 3.9ghz jobbie).
> I have had a problem on a similar system before and ended up
> concluding the graphics chip (onboard) was not Linux compatible. On
> this system with ubuntu I do get into x but its 640x480 and I can't
> seem to change that.
> Anybody else had this problem? Is it worth trying to sort it out or
> will I end up with it being out of sync?
> Any ehlp much appreciated.

If the card is VESA compatible there is a fair possibility that it
works if you type

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

This will start a ton of dialogs. Give "Enter" to all of them except
the one that asks if you want to use framebuffer. Say Yes to that.

There is possibly a shorter way, but this worked for me.

Mario A. Guerra
San José, Costa RIc

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