Gui programming with python

Mustafa lordverminard at
Mon Jul 25 08:59:18 UTC 2005

Niran Babalola wrote:

>On 7/25/05, Mustafa <lordverminard at> wrote:
>>i tried pygtk but found the documentation really lacking.
>Have you read the PyGTK tutorial[1]? I found it quite satisfactory,
>but if you think something's missing, what is it? If you just started
>programming, any toolkit you try to learn will probably be a little
>difficult, but far from impossible. If you need help, you can ask in
>#pygtk on, but make sure you go through the tutorial
>first, since you'll end up being pointed back to it for basic
i didn't mean that tutorial has any lack of information. its just that
its horrible and there are no others.
like in python theres many books and tutorial so mnay that i could easily
choose which i liked.
here its only one and for some reson i can;t understand from it.
perhaps its because i am comparing the ease of learning python with this
and perhaps gui toolkits are inherently more difficult.

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