.bashrc vs. .bash_profile

Matthew S-H mathbymath at aol.com
Sat Jul 23 22:43:01 UTC 2005

On Jul 22, 2005, at 2:42 PM, Ed Cogburn wrote:
> Matthew S-H wrote:
> That'll work too. :)
> The reason I don't do this is that I don't have a "profile" file in  
> etc at
> all.  I have a common rc file there which is loaded by both the  
> login and
> rc files in my user's home directory.  So in a way there is only  
> one file,
> the one all the user files point to.  Yeah, symlinks will work fine  
> too,
> but when you think about it there's not much difference between a  
> symlink
> (that stores the name of the file it points to) and a text file  
> with only
> one line "source /etc/bashrc", and you can use a period instead of  
> the word
> 'source' to make the line even smaller if you wish (all of these files
> we're talking about are "sourced", not executed, so there is no  
> need for
> the "#!/bin/sh" line).  The difference (too me) is that its easier to
> change a text file (especially if you rely on file managers where a  
> text
> editor is only a single keystroke away), than deleting and  
> recreating a
> symlink, and then what do you do when you just want to test something
> temporarily?
>> If I am wrong about this working, I'd appreciate it if someone would
>> tell me before I F--K my system up.
> Pay no heed to those who tell you how you're "supposed" to do  
> things, or
> what the "right" way is, just do whatever works best for you, although
> asking how others do things doesn't hurt.  It is that freedom of  
> choice
> that brought me to Linux in the first place and its what keeps me,  
> despite
> zealots who seem to find all sorts of strange ideas to become  
> zealous over.
> What?  You use .bash_login instead of .bash_profile?  Why you godless
> heretic!!!  :)

I would just like to say, thank you.
You gave me a good reason why I shouldn't use symlinks while also  
setting my fears to rest about the "danger" of using a symlink.
Thank you! :)


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