Unable to set path in /etc/profile

Ed Cogburn edcogburn at hotpop.com
Sat Jul 23 20:18:32 UTC 2005

Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:

> On za, 2005-07-23 at 14:40 -0400, Irene Zimmermann wrote:
>> Unable to modify global path in /etc/profile.
> This file is not parsed for normal shells of ordinary users...
> I believe /etc/bash.basrc is (if their shell is bash...)

It is for *login* shells, bash.bashrc is for the other "type" of shell
"mode" (interactive, but not declared as a login type).  The man page for
bash has the explanation of how it distinguishes between the two types, but
its all a bloody mess, if you ask me.  :)

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