corection qt is open source but gtk has no restrictions on use

Ed Cogburn edcogburn at
Sat Jul 23 16:05:40 UTC 2005

dataw0lf wrote:

> Ed Cogburn wrote:
>> Newsflash:  To people who believe in Free Software as opposed to Open
>> Source, the GPL IS THE BEST LICENSE THERE IS, and Qt's success has
>> nothing to do with its licensing, it has to do with the fact that Qt is
>> the best designed and certainly best documented *CROSS-PLATFORM* GUI
>> widget library available under any license, especially their new Qt4, and
>> all the bad mouthing in the world won't change that.
> /me pulls Ed's soapbox out from under him.
> wxWidgets > Qt.  By far.

LOL!  Ok, fair enough.  wxWidgets, formerly wxWindows, is based on GTK, and
GTK itself has a few minor problems, nothing serious, but its pretty clear
to me that GTK was developed more or less ad hoc, whereas Qt wasn't.  I
tried wxWindows once, and then moved to Qt. Never felt a need to try
wxWhatever again.  Just my opinion of course, but Qt was already ahead of
wxW in terms of ease of use and using the native widgets on each supported

My soapbox stand was really aimed at the bashing of Qt/KDE over "licensing"
issues.  Now that Trolltech called their bluff and released it under the
GPL, these folks now have to come up with a new reason why Qt "isn't free
enough".  :)

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