Not Happy with ShipIt

Mustafa Abbasi lordverminard at
Fri Jul 22 22:03:20 UTC 2005

> If you want someone who's on the fence about trying out Linux to try
> it (even a LiveCD), handing them a self-burned CD and telling them
> "it's safe" doesn't exactly invoke a warm, fuzzy feeling. It's really
> vital, I believe, to be able to hand someone a professionally pressed
> CD if you expect them to get over the fear of what "something new"
> could do to their computer, and their precious data.

you said you want it for a install fest.
that means these ppl are clearly interested in linux and ubuntu.
so i think they would be happy with burned discs CD-Rs
also if the cowards aren't willing to take a risk then clearly linux is not 
for them.
using linux for the first time is no ride in the park.
i had used fedora and suse before using ubuntu yet a still had to install 
it 5 times in the first 2 days.
and besides if they are
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