Problems with recent Firefox security update

Gaea Walters gaea.walters at
Fri Jul 22 21:45:15 UTC 2005

This probably isn't going to be a very popular option, but just a
thought: I've had endless problems with FIrefox on Hoary--not usually
enough to hinder my work much as in this latest case, but enough to
bother me for sure.  :>  I love love love Ubuntu and promote it
whenever I can; I've been running it exclusively at work since Warty's
initial release and run a Hoary server, a Hoary laptop, and a Breezy
"fun system" at home.  I'm also generally very much into the idea of
keeping the installation 'pure' (no backports, et cetera).

Having said all that . . . as a work-around for the current issues,
you really can't beat installing the version of Firefox available from
Mozilla.  Everything functions flawlessly, and it's a three-click gui
install just like on ye olde Windows if you're into that kind of
thing.  :>  Also, so far page loads, startup, new window/tab creation,
and extension installations have been markedly faster (though I'm not
sure what to attribute that part to).

I'm certainly not advocating that everyone jump ship permanently
because of a relatively minor hiccup in the big scheme of things, but
if you've been wrestling with this for a while trying to stay true to
Ubuntu, a few days/weeks on the official release is probably a good
compromise between allegiance to Ubuntu and needing to move on with
your life and seek usability.  :>

OT but related to the topic of trying new things :> . . . if you've
been wrestling with any Gnome usability issues or bumping into walls
not being able to do things you'd like to do with it with relative
ease or just plain getting bored, give a few other desktop
environments a shot.  For sleek and clean (once you change from the
default loud wallpaper) and stable and lovely, xfce rocks, and others
are good, too.  You don't lose any Ubuntu-ness, and it's easy--just
sudo apt-get install [whatever you want to try], log out, and log back
in, choosing your test desktop environment rather than Gnome.


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