corection qt is open source but gtk has no restrictions on use

azz ulist at
Fri Jul 22 19:23:02 UTC 2005

"The really strange thing is that the Qt bashers that come up with this

stuff have nothing bad to say about the Linux kernel which is released

under the GPL rather than a "freer" license (which to the FSF folks is

joke in itself), as many wanted it to, yet it has succeeded far more

the "more permissively" licensed BSD clones have. So if the GPL isn't

enough for you, why aren't you using FreeBSD? "

My name is Andrew and I am a Qt basher.  *Bows Head*

My point was just the opposite of what you said.  I guess I should have
been clearer.  I strongly beleive that there is an important advantage
to offering software under the GPL as opposed to a BSD licence.

It is a stonger commitment to the freedom of your code to do so.  If
you offer your same code under a second licence, it is sort of like
cheating on your wife.  Are you interested in it being free and serving
the goals of free and open software or do you want to protect your own
interests?  In a way you cannot have it both ways.

I know that the GPL is an agreement that impacts source code and the
freedom to access and modify it.  But, many users are interested in GPL
code not because of the code itself, but because of the principles and
practical advantages the freedom that the code has.  A person does not
have to be able to read or write code to be able to appreciate the fact
that something is open source.  So the GPL is much more than just a
contract betweeb the author and another developer.

I probably would not be able to do much under the hood of my car, but I
surely not buy a car which had the hood welded shut.

So, back to Qt.  I am not saying they should not use the GPL, I am
saying they should exclusively use the GPL.


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