accessing my ubuntu computer remotely from a Windows PC

Jeff Co hanzjordan at
Fri Jul 22 15:20:45 UTC 2005

I'm looking for a no-cost easy-to-do way to be able to access my Ubuntu PC 
remotely. The other computer will be running Windows OS. I believe it's 
Windows XP. But just in case, I'd like to have a software that can work on a 
a version of Windows older than XP (for example: Win 98)

I'd like to access my files on my Ubuntu PC. Stuff like my pictures, and 
maybe some text documents that I've saved. I want to be able to retrieve 
them, and also have the ability to do things as though I were sitting right 
in front of my Ubuntu PC. For example, saving new files on my Ubuntu PC. 
Deleting stuff (in my home directory)

I want something that is secure. Something that only I, with some sort of 
password, can access, and that nobody else on the internet can access.

What must I do to my (Ubuntu) computer before I leave it? (What's the 
terminology for this computer?)
What must I do to the _other_ computer, the computer on the other end? 
(What's the terminology for this computer on the other end?)

Is there anything I must avoid doing to avoid getting the remote connection 
permanently cut? When I say "permanent connection", I mean that the 
remote-control ability an only be fixed if I go back in person to the Ubuntu 

Thank you for your help!

Some side questions:

If I can find a no-cost online service that can host about 400 MB of digital 
pictures I've taken, then I won't need to enable remote access to my Ubuntu 
PC. I know Flickr hosts pictures, but the free service has a monthly upload 
limit. <> offers unlimited uploading, but 
the catch is that it must be made public to everyone. I want to keep my 
pictures private. Do you guys know of any no-cost online service for this?

P.S. If we are registered in this list, are our emails still moderated?
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