K3B, better: cdrecord is not able to burn cds on a scd0-device as normal user

hagen van rissenbeck news4didascali at gmx.net
Fri Jul 22 06:42:11 UTC 2005

Hi list,

I don't know, if that problem in the subject is already solved.

I have it now since yesterday on a laptop of a linux starter.

Googling through the forums helped not really.

It is a new toshiba laptop using a

		dvd-writer on /dev/scd0.

I think, that the problem has to do with scsi-devices? On all machines 
with atapi-burners, I configured in the past, I've never had such a 
problem - as far as I remember...

The problem report is a typical one:

- we run K3b as a normal user, member of the cdrom-group

- After creating the iso-file, K3b finishes the process with

"...cdrecord has no permissions... (and so on)...use K3bsetup2"

- of course, there is no K3bsetup2 in the K3b menu, there are also no 
kcm_shell related files under /usr/lib/kde3


We don't want to burn cds as root.
We don't want to use solutions like "kdesu k3b"

What should I do to let cdrecord open the  scd0 - device?

Thanks in advance...


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