LVM Conversion (was Resize Partition??)

Mustafa Abbasi lordverminard at
Fri Jul 22 03:37:47 UTC 2005

are you using LVM as your root partition cuz thats not advisable.
btw if you use ubuntu 5.04 then lvm should be built in and easy to install.

On 7/20/05, Hugh Crissman <hcrissman at> wrote:
> OK, after a couple of days I have to admit that LVM conversion is not
> going really well. I am not giving up but I am close. At this point I am
> reconsidering adding / to LVM. It is turning into quite a headache.
> Maybe /usr,/home,/var will be good enough.The major snag I am running
> into
> is getting the initrd script to load the lvm modules so that I can
> mount root and load the OS. Any ideas? After I change grub to look to
> the initrd that I created w/ "lvmcreate_initrd", grub loads and then
> nothing. No errors no nothing. It clearly is not loading the LVM
> modules. I am using 2.6.10-5-k7 kernel. I am almost certain LVM is
> compiled in, although I must admit, I have not explicitly checked. Any
> help is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> H. Crissman
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