Intel to cut Linux out of the content market?!

Magnus Therning magnus at
Thu Jul 21 20:06:48 UTC 2005

On Thu, Jul 21, 2005 at 09:07:36AM +0100, david wrote:
>Think of it this way. You own a record label and a TV station. Piracy
>is a problem. Along come M$ who say "use this codec on everything and
>pay us per copy". Your content is safer because no one will be able to
>share their content (not even with their own mp3/media players). Once
>it takes off everyone will have to go out and rebuy all their
>cd's/DVD's again.  Since Windows is on at least 90% of all world PC's
>you daren't say no (if other companies go along and you don't you're
>screwed, if you do and they don't, you get to advertise as "Windows
>media compliant" and trumpet your anti-piracy stance). No one would
>dare risk having their catalogue unavailable for the Windows platform
>so they will comply.

There is a healthy amount of fear of M$ in the content-provider-camp.
The risk of your scenario playing out is not that big.


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