CPU Usage Monitoring

Rainer Gutkas Rainer.Gutkas at kstp.at
Thu Jul 21 16:56:39 UTC 2005

Chanchao schrieb:

>>What is a good CPU Usage Monitoring tool?
>Sorry for the off-topic and un-useful reply, but I never quite
>understood the need for one. Like, a speedometer in a car makes sense,
>because going too fast results in a ticket. An altimeter in a plane
>makes sense, because going too low means crashing into things. I can
>stretch myself to see the sense in continuously monitoring seismic
>activity, or your own heart beat. But why the CPU monitoring tool?
I like the posibillity of monitoring system resources.Especially  as 
developer I like to see where my apps can be brought to better 
performance and if there are memory leaks or excessivley CPU usage.

It also helps me to find the right tool for a task, for instance VLC is 
much better suited for watching viedos on my system than Totem,...

And last but not least it helps me to clever use my network resources. 
For instance I switched to watch Web-Pages via ssh -X forwarding, 
becasue I noticed that the rather poor perormance of firefox on my 
laptop is not the 11Mb network Connection, because it only gets used a 
rather short time of the sit-loading process, but the heave CPU-Usage of 


>Personally I'd just get the cheapest possible CPU fan, then you can
>hear it when the thing is breaking a sweat. :)
>CRW> Q: What's the difference between MicroSoft Windows and a virus?
>CRW> A: Apart from the fact that viruses are supported by their authors,
>CRW> use optimized, small code and usually perform well, none.
>Well, viruses are free. (In a 'beer' sense of course. :-) For some
>reason viruses are rarely open-source. As such this is still a wide
>open and unexplored territory for FOSS developers.

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