HP psc1315 & ubuntu

albi at scii.nl albi at scii.nl
Thu Jul 21 16:50:28 UTC 2005


printing and scanning with the HP psc 1315 i'm struggling is possible,
but not simultaneously..

according to this url it's a matter of having hpijs and hpoj installed
(although 1 comment talks about hlip only, as do some other comments on
other webpages i've found)


however if i have hpijs and hpoj installed then the scanning works fine,
but it won't print anything (the queue shows the testpage print for,
say, 5 seconds or more, then the printer "jumps" into "printer not
ready" mode

if i install the hplip-packages (from hoary-backports or hoary-extras)
then printing works great, but the scanner does not get recognised

are the people experiencing the same or what did you do to make scanning
+ printing work fine with this device ?


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