Good GUI for essid selection?

Stephen R Laniel steve at
Wed Jul 20 16:29:58 UTC 2005

Windows has a nice feature* where you can write down a list
of preferred ESSIDs: if you're in range of a given hotspot,
Windows will associate with it. Does Linux have such a
thing? I've not found it, if so. Ubu seems like the most
likely distro to innovate on this sort of usability feature.

Other features would fit nicely into the ESSID picker --
e.g., remembering the MAC addresses of hotspots with hidden
ESSIDs. The next time you came within range of such a
hotspot, this feature would look up the MAC addresses of
every hidden hotspot and associate with the ones whose
ESSIDs you had stored.

Likewise, does Linux have a facility for storing WEP/WPA
keys for hotspots that we've previously authenticated with?

This could integrate nicely with programs like airsnort:
every time you cracked a new key or hidden ESSID, airsnort
would store it and this preferred-ESSID feature would be
able to connect to it from then on. This would then be
*more* usable than Windows, if I'm not mistaken.

Is this sort of thing available?

* - if this were Slashdot, this would immediately result in
    my post being rated a 1 or at most a 2.

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