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Wed Jul 20 01:02:13 UTC 2005

Tab......   Thanks....  I had looked a little for a place to purchase the
Ubuntu CD but was always directed to the well advertised "Free" download or
"Free Ship-It" sites.  I've never had so much trouble with a download since
I first started using the internet, in the late 1980's, and just didn't
think of looking further.  I hope that is not going to be a reflection of my
Ubuntu/Linux experience.  Thank all on the list for their help and patience
with me.


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I wound up buying a copy from a linux distributor on the internet for
about 5 dollars.  still do not know what the problem is (was).  other
than knowing nothing about linux I have had very few problems with
Ubuntu.  Everything works except for the scanner on the HP combo
printer.  I even downloaded the upgrade from Warty to Hoarty and have
had no problems (other than not knowing anything about linux as noted

I guess what I am saying is I hope this problem does not leave you
feeling upset about Ubuntu.  I think the Ubuntu folks are darn close
to "getting it right" and they have a great attitude.


On 7/18/05, Bernie Betlach <bernie at> wrote:
> Checksums match... using FasdtSum Ver 1.2
> I've used 2 burners.....  Nero 6.3 at it's slowest speed (4X) and
> Will not load on multiple W2K and XP machines.....  I've now gone through
> about 15 CD's and 3 - 4hr downloads..
> I'm going to try to download again on my wife's new Sony  tonight and use
> her burner tomorrow.
> Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance for any ideas to help me.
> I ordered disks about 2 weeks ago; but from what I understand it may be
> before I see them.  Perhaps people should not be ordering 50 to 100
> copies.....  Isn't that kind of taking advantage of the system and
> preventing invividual users from getting copies in a timely manner.  My
> opinion.... Frustrated.....
> Bernie
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> On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 19:40 -0700, Bernie Betlach wrote:
> > When I  "enter" or type "live" and "enter" to load the live version I
> > get the following message and the system hangs:
> > crc error
> > VFS: Mounted root (ext2 file system)
> > Freeing unused kernel memory; 224kfreed
> > Warning unable to open an initial consol.
> > EXT-fs error (devices ram0):ext2_check_page:
> > Bad entry in directory #344: unali
>   Looks like the cd was not correctly burnt, or something wrong happened
> during your iso download.
>   - check the integrity of your iso image with
>     You'll need some utility named md5sum for windows.
>     If your iso md5sum does not match those in
> , download the iso again.
>   - If the iso is correct, burn your cd again at a lower speed.
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