remap control + c and control + v

Lee Braiden lee_b at
Tue Jul 19 16:32:55 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 19 July 2005 17:19, Simon Santoro wrote:
> Hello list.
> I switched to the Dvorak keyboard layout, and i am very happy with it,
> but i would like to keep ^c, ^v and ^x toghedher, instead of having them
> all over the keyboard. Is it somehow possible to remap
> ^c to ^j
> ^v to ^k
> and ^x to ^q?
> I played with xev and xmodmap, but i don't understand how to remap a key
> combo.

Not really.  You can remap the control key or the letter keys, but not a combo 
like that.

However, you're asking the wrong question, and I think I know what you mean.  
In KDE at least, you can go into the global key shortcuts, and set copy and 
paste to use a different key combination (so you could map them to ctrl-1 and 
ctrl-2 for example).  Hopefully GNOME has something similar, but I wouldn't 
be surprised if it didn't :(

Lee Braiden
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