Desktop Linux's Future

Larry Grover lgrover at
Tue Jul 19 14:24:12 UTC 2005

Charles Yao wrote:
> Hi Chanchao,
> The only problem I have with open office is with impress. My sales
> guys are having trouble with it cause its really a lot slower than
> powerpoint when they have to open presentations and also its response
> is a lot slower than that of powerpoint.

It's true that openoffice is no speed demon, but on reasonably new 
hardware it works pretty well for me (it is a bit of a dog on my 800 
MHz iBook).

As a teacher/researcher I use openoffice/impress for lectures and 
talks.  Though I wouldn't mind if it was faster, I really don't have a 
problem with it now.

That said, if your sales force has problems using openoffice for their 
presentations, then maybe they should be using a different tool:  on 
linux, codeweavers (wine) + MS-Office; or else just leave them on 
windows with MS-Office.

Or maybe they're just trying to pack too much bling-bling into their 
presentations -- something I've seen many salesmen do.  Less flash and 
more substance should make their presentations run better.


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