Desktop Linux's Future

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Tue Jul 19 11:04:33 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-19 at 18:40 +0800, Charles Yao wrote:
> The only problem I have with open office is with impress. My sales
> guys are having trouble with it cause its really a lot slower than
> powerpoint when they have to open presentations and also its response
> is a lot slower than that of powerpoint.

Indeed. Although I don't use Impress, OOo's sluggishness is the one and
only real reason why I don't use it and prefer Gnuméric. In OO 'Calc',
simply dragging a few EMPTY cells (how much work can that be for OO ?!)
is sluggish. In Gnuméric, it's smooth/fast, as you would expect, and as
you also get from MS Office.

And of course, I don't even talk of start time, 20 to 30 seconds for OO
Calc, 2 to 3 seconds max for Gnuméric.

OOo is obviously featured enough to make 99.99% of MS Office users
happy, so no need to add more fancy features. If they really want it to
'compete' with MS Office, then IMHO they should do nothing but put all
their work forces on making the whole thing as 'snappy'/responsive as

It's like Gnome. It's marvelous, beautiful, lovely, but it's
sluggishness is kinda annoying sometimes. 3 seconds to start a terminal
or a simple text editor/gedit, is not acceptable. Well the point is,
Gnome is improving, I find Breezy noticeably snappier than Hoary/Warty,
and even Evolution is snappier, the composing window when replying to
messages or creating new ones, is noticeably more responsive, I
appreciate the effort very much.

So the point is, if a big project like Gnome can take the criticism in a
constructive way, realize it's a problem and actually work on it and
achieve results, step by step, then why couldn't OOo do the same ?


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