spyware in ubuntu?

Larry Grover lgrover at zoominternet.net
Tue Jul 19 04:11:57 UTC 2005

Charles Malespin wrote:

> First, thanks for all the quick responses.  I have been doing some
> reading on linux security etc. and I have been following the advice
> given by larry.  I update my system with synaptic regularly, and I never
> use root unless I need to.  

It sounds like you're off to a good start.

 > The only reason I am asking is because I
> went to google today and for some reason it said that it could not
> complete the request because it had possibly detected spyware or adware
> on my computer.  But I dont know why it would say that, and it only did
> it twice. Since then it has not done it.  Just a fluke, or something I
> should worry about?  I havent really added or changed too much from
> default that would cause a major security problem(or so I think, I guess
> thats why Im asking).  Any ideas?

Did this happen when you were trying to load the google home page 
(www.google.com), after you entered some search terms, or when you 
tried to follow a link from the search results?  Which browser are you 
using?  Mozilla/firefox?

This just seems weird to me.  The only time I've ever seen anything at 
all like this is in web page ads, where someone is trying to get you 
to buy some (dodgy looking) security software for windows by 
attempting to scare you:  "Warning! Warning! Your computer system may 
already be infected!!"

I'd be really surprised if you truly had spyware or adware running on 
your linux system.


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