Password managment apps

Scott Henson scotth at
Tue Jul 19 03:14:14 UTC 2005

John Richard Moser wrote:

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>I've been looking at KeePass[1] and proding around for a Linux version
>compatible with the same database format; but I can't even find anything
>that comes close to this app's UI and feature set.
>Does anyone know of anything, or does a port really need to be done?
>I've tried to start some chatter[2] on making a library out of the core,
>since it's allegedly a portable C++ core with an MFC interface tacked
>onto it.  Tacking a GTK+2 interface onto a core library would be nice,
>though that'll take time.  I wouldn't even expect a usable Linux port to
>be around in a year, since nobody has it as a high priority on their
>todo list.

I think you want a combination of revelation and gnome-keyring.  
Revelation will store the passwords in an aes encrypted database.  Its 
pretty cool, but you have to pull the passwords out of it manually.  
Gnome-keyring does this automagically, but not all apps support it.  As 
more apps support gnome-keyring it looks like it will be pretty cool. 

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