sata drive will not mount

Ed Fletcher ed at
Tue Jul 19 01:23:39 UTC 2005

daphatbell at wrote:
> I did. I didn't think it made it because I didn't see the message come back. I won't be 
> writing to the partitions, just using some of the files on them. Like I said, I have two 
> 80gb drives that are NTFS that mounts with no problem. Ubuntu has it's own partition 
> which of course can be read from and written to. The error message states that 
> /dev/sda does not exist! Which has been proven that they in fact exist. The drivers 
> for the hard drive was loaded and the whole nine yards. So I'm at a lost on this one! 
> :-O 

Can you copy the command you're using to mount the partition (and
the resulting error message) from the screen and paste it into your

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