Todd Slater dontodd at columbus.rr.com
Mon Jul 18 12:57:05 UTC 2005

On Mon, Jul 18, 2005 at 12:07:57PM +1000, Colin McDermott wrote:
> http://www.ubuntulite.org/wiki/index.php?title=Desktop_environment#XFCE_vs_ICEWM
> (please do not edit this yet, I beg you)
> In Summary XFCE uses 26mb of memory while Icewm uses 5mb (in fairness you 
> would have to add a icon program to icewm (not sure on xfce) which adds 
> 5~7mb) Also you may be able to trim xfce). 

What are you running with XFCE? (I assume it's XFCE4?) If you run
everything it offers you end up with a desktop environment, but you can
run just the window manager if you want (xfwm4). 

> On Firefox and web browsers. I would like to know of real lightweight 
> alternatives. It's bad to say, but Opera is looking close to the best 
> useable alternative.

How about links2 in graphical mode (links2 -g)?


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