Grub on CD?

shelagh oneida at
Mon Jul 18 09:31:19 UTC 2005

I installed ubuntu a few days ago and thru' absent mindedness, laziness.
call it what you will, I left the cd in the drive. When I booted up
tonight without the cd I got a message grub loading "Error 16". When I
tried to reboot with the cd in thinking to go into rescue mode, it started
up sweetly. Does this mean grub is on the cd? Will I have to use it as a
boot cd, or surely there is a recipe for moving it on to the harddrive. 
Another explanation might be; hardware misconfiguration? I had to lend my
graphix card to my son and hacked the xorg.conf file to use the onbord sis
card. Maybe the cd grub can cope but not the harddrive grub?

Have enough knowledge to make me dangerous!


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