Even after the "hack" I can't get to firefox extentions...

Senectus . senectus at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 08:56:14 UTC 2005

On 7/18/05, Patricia Fraser <trish at thefrasers.org> wrote:
> > Is there some way that someone knows how to bypass the checking
> > function on addons.mozilla.org ?? I can't live without mouse gestures
> > and the bookmark synchronizer.. 0.o
> 8-) use a different browser.

That's a very odd, and somewhat unhelpful reply...
Besides.. there isn't another browser around that matches the
usability of FireFox.
Oh please don't argue.. It'll take it off topic and I'm only
interested in fixing the problem...

Ubuntu Hoary 5.04 
"Luminocity is a cracktastic technology testbed for Metacity." - From
the gnome.org website

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