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Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Mon Jul 18 03:14:47 UTC 2005

 > Hi.....  I'm new to Linux; but want to use Ubuntu on a new maching I"m
> building.  I downloaded ubuntu-5.04-live-i386.iso from
> Checksums match. 
> I burnt the .iso file to a CD using "Nero 6.3" and "Undisker" 
> Computer boots from the CD to the Ubuntu opening screen. 
> When I  "enter" or type "live" and "enter" to load the live version I get
> the following message and the system hangs: 

Hi - the village idiot again-

Did your burn the disk as slow as possible?  I had a hell of a time
burning an iso disk on Ubuntu but that does seem to be the problem
since you are using Sir Bill.  Have you tried another live cd like
knoppix to make sure it is not the drive or something with the
computer construction.  I have popped the live disk into about 10
different computers and never had a problem.

Sorry I can not be better assistance but hopefully someone who knows
something will chime in.

Outer Bubbaistan

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