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Bernie Betlach bernie at
Mon Jul 18 02:40:14 UTC 2005

Hi.....  I'm new to Linux; but want to use Ubuntu on a new maching I"m
building.  I downloaded ubuntu-5.04-live-i386.iso from
Checksums match.
I burnt the .iso file to a CD using "Nero 6.3" and "Undisker"
Computer boots from the CD to the Ubuntu opening screen.
When I  "enter" or type "live" and "enter" to load the live version I get
the following message and the system hangs:

crc error

VFS: Mounted root (ext2 file system)

Freeing unused kernel memory; 224kfreed

Warning unable to open an initial consol.

EXT-fs error (devices ram0):ext2_check_page:

Bad entry in directory #344: unali

Gned directory entyr – offset = 0, inode =

1744832256, rec_len = 29807, name len = 112

Kernel panic – not syncing : No int found.

Try passing init = option to kernel

I've tried the CD on both a Win2K  and an XP system with the same result.

Am I doing something wrong??  Any help here would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance.


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