32bit/64bit ?

Rainer Gutkas Rainer.Gutkas at kstp.at
Sun Jul 17 13:24:01 UTC 2005

Lee Braiden schrieb:

>On Friday 15 July 2005 04:48, James Gray wrote:
>>If you want a multimedia workstation, stick with 32bit binaries for
>>everything for the time being.  You may miss some of the performance
>>benefits in *some* applications (see below) but AMD64[1] machines are so
>>darn fast to begin with, you may not notice much of difference at all.
>>Depends very much on what you do with your machine and how you use it.
>Well, you'll just be on the same footing as PPC and Alpha owners, who also 
>cannot use 32-bit x86 binaries.  It's really no big deal; most of the media 
>files will play with open source codecs, there is a free flash player that'll 
>do basic stuff, and living without non-free junk is good for you :)
So I can't say much bout the 32 vs. 64 Bit archutecture, but I've got 
one of the alternative architectures and must say the free falsh player 
isn't a good bit of software at all. It eats up my CPU with joy and 
makes Firefox and Mozilla highly unstable. But it's a miss I can live 
with, so most Flash movies I stumble over are advertises. In the moment 
I just can think of one site I can't view, which I miss, but it also 
would be great to have flash running, but probably there will be a 
solution soon.

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