Compartmentalizing development builds

Stephen R Laniel steve at
Sun Jul 17 03:40:13 UTC 2005

On Sat, Jul 16, 2005 at 11:26:34PM -0400, Steve Feehan wrote:
> chroot and cdebootstrap?

Can you elaborate? I'm familiar with the idea of chroot,
though I've never really used it. Presumably in this context
you mean that I'd make some directory for, say, Firefox
(maybe ~/firefox), then install with that as the root. So
then files would go into, say, ~/firefox/usr/lib/firefox and
so forth. Is that the idea?

I'm not familiar with cdebootstrap. Can you elaborate on how
I'd use that in this context?

Ideally, after all of this is done, I'd be able to do
something like 'apt-get remove firefox-hoary' or
'apt-get remove firefox-breezy' and APT would know what I
mean. If I tried to 'apt-get remove firefox', I'd get some
nice error telling me, "You have to choose which version of
firefox to uninstall." Will the cdebootstrap approach buy me
that kind of cleanliness?

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