which progrraming language to learn first

zer0halo zerohalo at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 22:03:45 UTC 2005

On 7/15/05, Mustafa Abbasi <lordverminard at gmail.com> wrote:
>  so what language should i start with.

I agree with the comments about Python. But if you're interested in
programming for the web, ie, a database-driven web application, then I
would recommend Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a scripting programming
language similar to Python in some ways, and Rails is a framework that
makes it very easy to set up web applications without much code.
Clean, elegant.

Rails is at: www.rubyonrails.com. You can start with Rails without
necessarily knowing Ruby first.
A nice place to start on Ruby is: http://poignantguide.net/ruby/index.html.

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