which progrraming language to learn first

Steve Torrefranca javacide at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 17:01:51 UTC 2005

>Eclipse with python plugin :)
>(I personally prefer vim, but it has a steep learning curve)
sorry i am still on my first chapters of my python book too, so please
how do you address these issues if you are using vim and other text
editors (still have a hang over on java ide concept)
1. CVS - do you fire-up a separate CVS client?  which one can you
2. Local history - java IDEs like eclipse has local history that you can
conveniently restore or compare with your current version if something
goes wrong.
3. Deploy - what i like about IDEs is that there is hot deploy. 
everytime you edit and save a file, it gets uploaded to a local or
remote server so you can test them immediately.  (stupid question) Do
python programmers edit the files on the deploy folder itself? or you
edit them locally then tar them up and scp them?

or is there a python IDE?  sorry for asking.

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